Our Story

We’re upskilling teachers to world standards through skills development despite the harsh economic state of Sub-Saharan Africa. Teachers do not earn enough, and this may cause low self-esteem.

Our vision is to boost teachers’ confidence and foster respect beyond the classroom.

Teacher and student

Redefining The Teaching Profession In Africa

UNESCO pointed out that “Teachers are one of the most influential and powerful forces for equity, access, and quality in education and key to sustainable global development. However, their training, recruitment, retention, status, and working conditions remain preoccupying.

There is a worldwide shortage of well-trained teachers. According to the UNESCO Institute for Statistics (UIS), 69 million teachers must be recruited to achieve universal primary and secondary education by 2030.”

To achieve the supply of well-trained, supported, and qualified teachers, it is our top priority to redefine the teaching career in Africa.

African Lady with a tablet

Building World-Class Teachers

Together, as young African teachers, imagine how much we can change.

Quality Education (SDG 4) – If you earn more. You’ll teach happily be able to create a richer learning experience, thereby making your classroom more fun, and learners will learn better.

Decent Work and Economic Growth (SDG 8) – You’ll contribute to the workforce as you’re able to render their services to international companies part-time or during summer. 

Partnership to achieve the Goal (SDG 17) – Partner with other companies and a local firm to achieve sustainability.