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Instructional Design

Become an Instructional Designer

Learn the conceptual foundations of instructional design to create innovative solutions to performance problems in corporate learning and development, Edtech companies, and multinational organizations.

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Content Design

Become a Content Designer

Learn to create EdTech resources like worksheets, work packets, lesson plans, notebooks, project printables, and so on, for other teachers around the world. You can sell these on Amazon and to EdTechs

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EdTech Specialist

Become an Ed-Tech Specialist

Learn how to integrate technology into the classroom and beyond to enhance instruction and improve student performance. This will make you sought-after in the Technology Education space and other sectors.

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Test and Measurement Expert

Become a Test & Measurement Expert

Learn how to create tests that help the education sector collect performance data to drive decisions for schools, multinational organizations to be more evidence-driven, and governing bodies get more accountability.

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Education Policy & Research Analyst

Become an Education Policy Analyst

Learn to introduce and adjust laws and programs affecting education in any sector. You could become a postsecondary education administrator, nonprofit leadership, instructional coordinator, or a state representative.

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